Pico island tour (Madalena)

Departure from the “Porto de Abrigo” of Praia da Graciosa we will initially set course towards the São Jorge island, passing the "Ilhéu da Praia" and then the Carapacho islets. As we approach the coast of São Jorge, we can admire the impressive green coast. Ahead of us the “Ponta dos Rosais” with its lighthouse and islet, and slightly to the right the Faial island. Passing the “Rosais”, we set course directly to the Madalena observing from the left to the right the Aerodrome of Pico, Cachorro, Cais do Mourato, Toledos and finally - the Madalena. Notice at your right side, when arriving at Madalena, the two islets named: "Ilhéu Deitado” and the "Ilhéu em Pé”.

 Then we visit the pleasant village of Madalena. During the trip you will certainly see a lot of marine fauna.

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