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    A relaxing tour

    Navigate the Azorean sea, and you will find the nature at the best.  

    Come aboard on a relaxing boat tour and you will fully enjoy the clear and temperate waters of a blue and deep sea, enjoying swimming on splendid  inlets, diving, observing the beautiful coast coast and magnificent bays, caves and islets 

    Be surrended by a charming boat tour, specially when some visitors decide to show up - dolphins - you will see for sure some of the many dolphins that live in these waters. Nothing compares to whale and dolphins watching.

    The geographic position of the Central Group, gives the privilege to be every year a passing through place for many whale types, dolphins and seabirds, that remain in the area during all the Summer season.

    Just for example, we point out some of the species that can easily be seen: spotted dolphin, common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, sperm whale, pilot whale, common whale, giant turtle, Cory's shearwater, terns and seagulls.

    During our boat tours, your dream of seeing from pretty close some of these species on natural habitat, will probably become true.